In 2005 my husband and I lost our second child at birth due to a massive cyst in his brain causing life-ending complications.  The passing of our son, Alex is an event that will be forever etched in our minds.  The few pictures we have that our nurse took during his birth are some of the most precious mementos we have of Alex.  They were a huge part of the healing process for me, and truly I'm not sure how I would have survived his loss without his photographs.  It is because of these pictures of our beautiful baby that I am inspired to photograph others.  I know first-hand the power of photography to help one heal.  I am honored to be a volunteer photographer for Soulumination and hope you will take a moment to explore the website and see what an incredible gift photographs can be to a family during difficult circumstances.  I am proud that Soulumination understands the importance of photographs and the impact they have on a person in a time of loss and grief.  Please become a regular reader of the blog, or join us for one of the many fund-raising or work-party events throughout the year.  If you are so inclined, please donate so that others in need will have the blessing of professional photographs of their loved one to cherish and soothe them whenever there is the need.  Please don't hesitate to tell everyone you know about Soulumination so that any family may have the gift of life-affirming photographs should they need them.  Nothing could have prepared us for the pain of not getting to see Alex in person again.  Having beautiful photographs of him helps to ease the pain. 

We love you, Alex.  Thank you, so much for all the amazing gifts you have brought us.

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